Yahoo Search Engine Redesigned

Yahoo Search Engine Redesigned

Yahoo! continues its transformation: After an overhaul of its homepage in February, it was the turn of the search results page to provide a makeover. A new layout that is reminiscent of a famous competitor, Google.

Search results from Yahoo! abandon the tabs to display a column that provides access to different types of results now, while at the top of the screen, the main categories and portal service’s displayed with text shortcuts. It is rather difficult, in view of this new display, even if the Mountain View company has opted for quite a while for options bar installed in its fields of research.



The website says that the redesign of its results is the logical result of the redesign of its home page, formalized in late February. Yahoo! adds work on new items that will be offered in the coming months. Note that, for the moment, this new display is limited to the U.S. version of the platform only.


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