Mad Max game for PlayStation 4 announced

Mad Max game for PlayStation 4 announced

Warner Bros. took the chance at E3 2013 to announce the next game from the creators of Just Cause game, namely a video game adaptation of Mad Max, cult film released in 1979. First trailer and in-game images are revealed.

The Avalanche studio development behind Just Cause are working on next-gen consoles and has also announced its first project: Mad Max.

It is an adaptation of the famous anticipitated trilogy for the first part that was released in 1979 movies. The title will be a third person shooter (TPS) that will evolve into a world wide open and in which cars are the key to post-apocalyptic survival.



The game highlights the hero who is aboard on a Ford Falcon and equipped with his rifle. In the game, we will have to fight bandits and other gangs using knives, but also by car.

Mad Max is expected to release in 2014 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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