Logitech Announces Harmony Ultimate Hub

Logitech Announces Harmony Ultimate Hub

Logitech commercializes its future for Harmony Ultimate Hub, normally sold with a Harmony remote, a stand-alone versions. This accessory can turn a smartphone into a universal remote.

Harmony Ultimate Hub works through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can also transform infrared radio control commands. It is exactly the same model like Logitech sells its pack of Harmony Ultimate, which in turn contains a radio frequency remote control. Here, there is no remote control and the smartphone user is enlisted to control up to eight devices via a dedicated application.

Logitech says that about 225,000 devices can be controlled using the Harmony Ultimate Hub, which includes TVs, DVD players and Blu-ray players, home theater, audio or video interface.



Proposed by Logitech, applications are available on iOS and Android, and thus can control up to 8 devices, and configure up to 50 television shortcuts. Owners of Harmony Touch can also connect to the Hub, provided to their firmware.

Harmony Ultimate Hub will be available in Europe in the month of August at a price of about 100 dollars.


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