‘iWatch’ trademark application filed by Apple in Japan

‘iWatch’ trademark application filed by Apple in Japan

To secure a trademark for its “iWatch”, Apple has filed with the Japan Patent Office recently.

Probably still smarting from its brands worries in China and Brazil, Apple seems willing to take the lead in protecting its future products around the globe. It is probably for this reason that the company has to apply for registration for the iWatch brand in Japan.



iWatch is the term to describe the future of Apple watches. Discussed for months, the firm has so far not yet formalized this device, and may therefore bear the name or probably not. Although the term recalls the names of the company’s products, like the iPhone or iPod, it is also possible that Apple protects this name to prevent someone else taking the opportunity to call their product and thus lead confusion.

Note that in early June, the site 9to5Mac reported that Apple had in turn filed iWatch brand in Russia.


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