Spotify for iOS Update brings ‘Discover’ Feature

Spotify for iOS Update brings ‘Discover’ Feature

Spotify has recently updated its iOS application. The new version brings mainly the Discover function.

The new Discover function of Spotify gradually possesses different music demand customers service subscription. Opened a month ago on the web player, it recently joined the computer software, through an update routine.

Then it landed a day before yesterday on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, through an update of the application. The sidebar now welcomes a new version under a “Discover” feature, which in turn has been customized according to the user history and recommendations of the profiles to which it has subscribed.



This also makes various aesthetic improvements. It opens to begin a new icon. Then it will present new bar and playlist and automatically activate shortly. Finally, it fixes some problems.

Spotify for iOS 0.7.1 is now available from the App Store. No date has unfortunately been given regarding the update of the Android app.


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