The first formalized SmartBook from Lenovo

In discussing the concept of SmartBooks, mobile products intermediate between smartphones and netbooks, the chipmaker Qualcomm is trying to find new outlets for its mobile platforms material beyond smartphones.

They have the power to equip products bigger than smartphones while promising true mobility, namely a self-important and not requiring an operation to curb the use wireless.

In putting forward its Snapdragon platform, Qualcomm was charging on this new niche. Several manufacturers are left to try and Chinese group Lenovo has begun to raise such a SmartBook early as June, giving a first idea of a tangible product.

This is formalized in a few days of CES 2010 in Las Vegas under the name L enovo Skylight. It looks like the equivalent of a small netbook with a very fine display 10 "HD (1 280 x 720 pixels) and not weighing more than 900g, embedding the wireless WiFi and a 3G modem, all led by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1 GHz.

The Lenovo Skylight has an endurance of 10 hours and uses a Linux OS being heavily loaded with customizable widgets, allowing access to its messaging or social networks, as well as links to portals for downloading music and video.

The device allows 20 GB of storage space and 2 GB additional form of remote storage (cloud storage), and features on the side of a removable USB key. The Lenovo Skylight will be marketed in spring in the U.S. for a price of 499 dollars. Network access will be through mobile operator AT & T will charge for its distribution and also provide access to its Wi-Fi hotspots. He is scheduled to launch later this year in Europe and China.


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