Critical Security Patches released by Adobe

Critical Security Patches released by Adobe

Adobe distributes security updates for Flash Player and Shockwave but not for Adobe AIR. At least three critical vulnerabilities in Flash are released.

Once again, Adobe has synchronized the release of security patches with Microsoft Patch on Tuesday. Updates and security are available for Flash Player, Shockwave and ColdFusion. By cons, nothing is released for the Adobe AIR runtime environment.

Regarding Flash Player, it is to fill up with atleast three vulnerabilities. The products concerned are Flash Player 11.7.700.224 and earlier versions for Windows, Flash Player 11.7.700.225 and earlier versions for OS X, Flash Player and earlier versions for Linux.

Not necessarily easy to navigate and if available, the mechanism of internal update can be of great help. Otherwise, it is possible to visit this page to see the version of Flash Player installed and proceed if a download for example.

Adobe has identified a deployment priority for filling vulnerabilities on Windows and OS X platforms. An update to version 11.8.800.94 and 11.7.700.232 is thus presented as urgent.


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