Microsoft hints for two new Surface Tablets for 2014

Microsoft hints for two new Surface Tablets for 2014

Microsoft had ignored its limited shelf space sales, and hints for proposing new versions of Tablets in 2014. This is one of the information that emerges from a presentation made during the Worldwide Partner Conference of the company.

The information is reported by ZDnet, with, as a support, a slide from a presentation made by Kevin Turner, a senior Microsoft executives. We discover that the schedule of the firm is in 2014, and area appears repeatedly, among other products.

The “updates” for Surface Pro and Surface RT area are listed in more new accessories designed for tablets. However, the information cannot be taken as an official statement, because Microsoft did not specify if these “updates” are hardware related or software. However, rumors exist about the future of the tablet Surface that could benefit from a processor of Intel Haswell generation, which would notably be used to strengthen the autonomy and limit the weight of the battery, and therefore the overall tablet. In addition, Microsoft could also choose to increase the capacity of SSD available in its tablets, especially after the case related to the role played by the installation of Windows 8 on a 64 GB SSD.



Other products mentioned in the roadmap includes Skype, which should be integrated with Office 365 and, updating Xbox Music or, of course, the development of services on Xbox One.


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