New Hybrid Camera Samsung NX10

Samsung today announced the NX10, first in a series of digital cameras to a new kind. The Korean manufacturer and between his turn in the dance of large sensor compact with its own standard interchangeable lens camera without aiming reflex.

Samsung NX10

If the Sigma DP2 and Leica X1 to host a fixed lens APS-C, while the Olympus E-P1 or Panasonic GF1 interchangeable lens is simply a smaller sensor, the system combines Samsung for its best two worlds, even shun the open standard Micro Four Thirds.

Devoid of cumbersome system under direct based on a prism and a mirror, the case resembles that of a real digital SLR flattened by a steamroller. The viewfinder is electronic and complete a 3 inch screen. It is unusual to use the OLED technology, which offers a high contrast ratio and angles of vision, ensuring a comfortable even under direct sunlight. The box also houses a sensor CMOS APS-C of 14.6 million pixels climbing to 3200 ISO and shooting in High Definition 720p.

Three objectives will be offered at launch: a fixed focus light extraplate (30 mm f / 2 equivalent to 43 mm), a stabilized standard zoom (18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 equivalent to 28-85 mm) and a zoom TV stabilized (50-200 mm f/4-5.6 equivalent to a 77-308 mm). An adapter for Pentax K mount is also expected.

Even combined with the objective "pancake" extraplat, the Samsung NX10 may not pretend to slip into any pocket. Also, even carry a bag, is to discover what he brings over a true SLR. Its price? It will release on the occasion of its launch in spring 2010.


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