eBay introduces market for 3D printing

eBay introduces market for 3D printing

The price of the 3D printers may well have declined significantly, but they are still not within the reach of all. The 3D printers are currently fascinating the public, but some models are now predicting below 400 euros.

Evolving technology, need for basic 3D modeling, distribution limited to both machines for consumables are many points perplexing vast majority of buyers. Still many market hesitant operating companies have invested heavily in these 3D printers to offer customized products to consumers.

There are some alternatives to this level because the 3d printing now becomes much simpler since eBay took the bandwagon and offers a new iPhone app called eBay Right. The application is as a market for goods manufactured exclusively using 3D printers and are customizable.



For now, the market does not offer a huge catalog, but there are major sector: Makerbot, Sculpteo or Hot Pop Factory and all items are customizable. Case for smartphone, watch, jewelry, avatars and the customization options are numerous: color, material, prints, shapes, etc.

Currently in beta, the proposed market will grow very quickly and democratize a little more of these personalized items.


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