Toshiba EXCERIA Pro SD Memory Cards writes at 240MB/sec speed

Toshiba EXCERIA Pro SD Memory Cards writes at 240MB/sec speed

Toshiba goes to the UHS-II standard with future EXCERIA SD memory cards. Two models, offering 120MB/s and 240MB/s write, will be marketed worldwide around October.

Initiated since 2010, the transition to the second generation of UHS bus (Ultra High Speed) will become a reality in 2013. A few weeks after the consortium in charge of the development of the SD (Secure Digital) card presented its first prototype of its kind. Indeed, Toshiba announces today that its first commercial products will land on the market in the month of October.

Toshiba promises the launch of two lines of SD cards allowing write speeds much higher than the current models: EXCERIA range would collect up to 120 MB/s, while the EXCERIA Pro line is advanced and twice as fast that gives theoretical maximum write speed set to 240 MB/s. At this stage, no price is still given. The EXCERIA range includes models 32 and 64 GB, against and 32 GB for EXCERIA Pro. All will offer read speeds of around 260MB/s.



These cards meet the requirements of version 4.1 of the SD standard which allows maximum theoretical speeds of 312 MB/s with the transition to a new bus, the UHS-II. The shape of the cards does not change from current SD, but newcomers will board a second row of contacts. To take advantage of speeds promised by the UHS-II, however, requires components with adequate controllers that are still absent from the market.


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