Android 4.3 supports 4K or Ultra HD in the source code

Android 4.3 supports 4K or Ultra HD in the source code

The source code of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean mentions support of Ultra HD.

The latest version of Android announced this week is a minor evolution of the Jelly Bean branch but still brings a lot of new features, starting with small profiles. With the availability of the source code, some hidden functions can be observed.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and App Ops contains a feature that allows you to select the permissions granted to applications. It should therefore soon be obliged to accept any or all apps that refuse from the permissions required to install with also the ability to choose which permissions to grant or withdraw.



App Ops provides access to several screens collecting applications by permission (location, mail, etc.), in order to identify what software have access to what data.

The source code for Android 4.3 hides another trick that is the support of Ultra HD or 4K that appears as editable parameters via XXHDPI function. Before reaching the first tablets with Ultra HD screen, which are perhaps not so far, the function in question will primarily manage the remote display on an Ultra HD screen.


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