HP collaborates with Taiwan makers for developing smartphones

HP collaborates with Taiwan makers for developing smartphones

HP is in active negotiations with Taiwanese manufacturers to develop new range of smartphones that could happen even before the end of the year.

After the failure of the mobile strategy which led to the acquisition of Palm manufacturer and its WebOS platform, the HP group has distanced itself from the mobile world, to better prepare for its return, and perhaps this time in Android.

Its CEO Meg Whitman that has repeatedly said that the group was still interested in smartphones since they are a gateway to the Web in emerging markets where PCs are rare door and HP could not ignore this development.

It therefore would not attack the market as a single smartphone manufacturer but will offer devices with services for the substitute at least in part to computers. This vision, Meg Whitman said he did not want it to happen before 2014 at best.

But at HP, the lines move: by releasing the first Android tablet, the HP Slate 7 that was invited on the market is positioned in the segment of compact shelves of entry-level positioning at 150-200€.

It is also rumored that the projects are well underway and smartphones are still maturing. Further confirmation is given by active discussions with Taiwanese ODM manufacturers to launch smartphones that may occur by the end of the year.

HP is an early manufacturer in the PDA market and PDA Phones and smartphones, but it is still for interested professional only, neglecting the general public, which has nevertheless been the main engine of growth soon after the beginning of segment.

With players like Samsung and Apple who firmly hold the reins in the market, it will be difficult for HP to take place, except to enjoy a shifted position or a niche market that could serve as a first market expanded to market access. But the group has learned a hard way that smartphones are not selling as PC.


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