Vine said to have passed 40 million User Base

Vine said to have passed 40 million User Base

Seven months after its acquisition by Twitter, Vine Application announces that it has passed 40 million registered users. The service, likely boosted by the arrival of Android, does not specify how many are active though.

Since the arrival of its Android app in June, Vine has tripled its number of registered user base: this is via a tweet that the service has announced that it has reached 40 million followers. In June, that number was 13 million.



However, since Instagram has been there by integrating video functionality: hence the popularity of Vine, which offers its side for photo function and smaller customization options, is not declined. It is interesting to note that Vine, in a statement in 140 characters, talking about registered members and not active members, this lack of precision does not indicates how really Vine is used and enrolled or how many migrated to other services such as Instagram.


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