Google Drive 2.0 for iOS released

Google Drive 2.0 for iOS released

The Google Drive application for storage receives an update on iOS and now comes in version 2.0.

Google released a new version of its Google Drive application for iOS users. For the record, it proposes to consult their files and photos stored on the storage service of Google.

Version 2.0 features a new user interface and engineer Kelvin Chan explains that it responds to requests from users that was proposed on Android ergonomics. In addition to a simple list, the files can be presented as thumbnails, for example, for a better view of the photos.

For a directory, the new interface immediately includes all subfolders to separate files. Note that it is now easier to generate a link to share a document to paste into an email or SMS. In a sidebar placed on the right, it will be possible to make a file available offline, to add to favorites, to rename or move.



While last week, Microsoft announced to have boarded a character recognition system in SkyDrive, Google said that the application is able to identify the objects captured in a photograph simplifying the search.


Download Google Drive 2.0 for iOS from here –


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