Intel launches Pro 1500 Series SSD

Intel launches Pro 1500 Series SSD

On the sidelines of the IDF, Intel introduced a new family of SSDs called Pro 1500. SSDs here are distinguished primarily by their security features.

Intel offers Pro 1500 series SSD with AES 256-bit data and Opal key management protocols. Designed to work with the Core processors fourth generation Pro 1500 SSDs are built on a 6Gbps SATA SandForce SF-2281 controller. It uses MLC NAND to 20nm and is available in capacities of 80, 120, 180, 240, 360 and 480 GB physically. Pro 1500 series SSD are available at size 2 or classic 2.5-inches. They offer read speeds of 540 MB/s and 490 MB/s write, according to Intel.



Available now, these SSDs are available only to OEMs, which is why Intel has not communicated its retail price till yet.


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