Fedora Linux celebrates its 10 years

Fedora Linux celebrates its 10 years

Sponsored by Red Hat, the Fedora Project is celebrating its ten years and intends to further optimize the development of its GNU/Linux distributions.

Brought on 22 September 2003, the Fedora Project is used to co-ordinate the development of GNU/Linux Fedora distribution and the result of a coalition between the projects of Red Hat Linux and Fedora Linux. Supported by the company Red Hat, this initiative brings together employees, but also a majority of contributors around the world initially involved in the development of the Fedora Project.

EWeek magazine, which reported the information, said that Red Hat Linux is turned off in 2004, while the company has divided its strategy by offering a free version of the system called Fedora and a professional edition known today as the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The idea is to allow the community to test and drive a maximum of bugs in Fedora and then implement these features in the Professional version of the system.



Robyn Bergeron, project manager, explains that over the past decade, the rise of open source software has allowed Fedora to gain popularity. The next ten years will be devoted to attempts to automate certain tasks.


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