New tabs page for Chrome browser launched by Google

New tabs page for Chrome browser launched by Google

The New Tab page to Google Chrome is now looks very beautiful. Incidentally, it no longer misses the doodles.

For the current stable version of Chrome, Google displays a redesigned New Tab page. As its name suggests, this page is displayed when you open a new tab in the browser.

So far, it essentially allowed quick access to favorite sites through thumbnails and applications. Elements that can be found now with a different arrangement while the emphasis is on research.

If Google is set as the default search service, the New Tab page displays the famous logo and search engine field in the center of the browser. However, this is a shortcut for Chrome Omnibox, or the address bar of the browser that allows you to search the Web, add to favorites, browsing history, etc.



The thumbnails of the most visited sites are found in the search bar, while the installed applications are accessed from applications in the bookmarks bar. Google also says that the doodles are displayed in the New page without having to go on the search engine home page.

The New Tab page uses open APIs. For now, if Bing or Yahoo! are configured as the default search service, it does not work.


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