Android game vending machines launched by Google in Japan

Android game vending machines launched by Google in Japan

Google has decided to offer downloads of games on Android devices in a way more than original: the company has just set up three Google Play machines that work with the NFC in Tokyo.

Google offers a new way to download games on the Android device in the streets of the Japanese capital. The approach takes the form of three Google Play machines which resembles what you can find in Tokyo to buy drinks or food. Simply choose from the 18 games available – which are either paid or work in the mode of free-to-play – putting its device that must have the NFC function, and let the application install.



Android 4.0 is required, and also a wireless connection. In short, one may wonder what new experince this machines brings  from Google Play, since it also requires navigating on a screen, and is limited to a small catalog of operational game, however limited in Tokyo at the moment, it looks more like a promotional campaign than a real desire for deploying such a service elsewhere, but it has the merit of being original.


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