Developer Tool Firefox OS App Manager Announced by Mozilla

Developer Tool Firefox OS App Manager Announced by Mozilla

To facilitate the development work for its mobile system, Mozilla Announces Firefox OS App Manager.

The Mozilla Foundation has released a new tool for developers and Firefox 26. This would facilitate the design of mobile applications but also the analysis of the code looking for bugs. Firefox OS App Manager works with a real device connected to the USB port or via the mobile simulator system available as an extension.

When opened, the App Manager encapsulate its application to automatically transfer to the device (or virtually to the simulator). You can then run the application and observe the execution of the source code. Each of the changes, for example on the user interface can be automatically recorded.



It should be recalled that the Firefox OS is based on the use of Web technologies. System components and applications are coded in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then encapsulated within their own windows.

App Manager requires Firefox 1.2 OS. You can find more information on this page.


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