PeopleSoft CEO steps down

Quietly and without fanfare, PeopleSoft chief executive officer Dave Duffield has bidden farewell to the company he founded.In a US government agency filing, PeopleSoft revealed that Duffield resigned from his positions as director, chairman and chief executive officer from 28 December.The resignation is not unexpected.

News source: IT When Oracle announced the successful takeover of PeopleSoft — which it had been trying to buy for 18 months — it had said none of PeopleSoft’s seven board members would serve in the combined company.Duffield returned as chief executive 4 October 2004, three days after PeopleSoft’s board had fired then-chief executive Craig Conway.

Oracle has said it expected to close the deal early January.PeopleSoft executives had previously told its employees they expected the deal to close by 31 December 2004.


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