LSI announces SandForce SF3700 SSD Flash Controller

LSI announces SandForce SF3700 SSD Flash Controller

The manufacturer LSI recently formalized its new family in the series of memory controllers called SF3700 SSD storage device.

There will be the SandForce SF3719 and SandForce SF3729 models mainly targeting the general public and the SandForce SF3739/SandForce SF3759 provided for business models. All four can be operated in SATA 3 or PCI-Express 2x (PCI-Express 4x and for pros models).

SandForce SF3719 controller works with MLC memory and can handle 128 GB, while the SandForce SF3729 model is accompanied by the MLC or TLC memory with a maximum capacity of 2TB. The SandForce SF3739 and SandForce SF3759 embarks on models of 2TB memory-based SLC, eMLC, MLC or TLC.

In terms of performance, the SSD is equipped with spikes offering 550 MB/s (SATA) or 1.8 GB/s (PCI-Express) phase sequential read.


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