INQ Mobile announces addition of fourth feed to SO.HO Launcher App

INQ Mobile announces addition of fourth feed to SO.HO Launcher App

INQ Mobile has announced the addition of a fourth feed to SO.HO, the popular Android launcher app that integrates Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your homescreen. The new SO.HO feed – which marks the app’s exit from beta – captures rich media from across the three social networks so you can quickly see all the latest videos, pictures and links your friends have shared in one place. Just update and tap the switch network bar at the top of the screen to find the new SO.HO feed, it’s that simple.

SO.HO is a beautifully designed, seamlessly integrated app that brings your favourite social networks together in one place. Just unlock your phone and you can switch easily between your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds without having to dive in and out of different apps, making it faster to get to what you want and ensuring you never miss what’s going on. SO.HO also makes sure the functionality you care about is right where you need it so you can tweet, update your status, ‘like’ and comment direct from your homescreen. And as it’s a launcher it allows you to experience a rich, full screen version of your social networks.

SO.HO streamlines the process of scanning through your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activity; removing the inconvenience of opening and searching through different apps for the updates you care about and pulling you directly into your social world as soon as you unlock your phone.

“We know that sometimes you don’t have time to check what’s happening across all your social networks so we’ve added the SO.HO feed, a place where you can see the latest videos, pictures and links shared from all your friends across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” said Ken Johnstone, CEO and co-founder of Inq. “Of course we’ve kept the individual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds too. Whatever you want to see, with SO.HO it’s just a tap away.”

With SO.HO you can view posts and images in a visually striking full screen view as well as tweet, like, update your status, check-in and comment directly from your homescreen; it’s quick and easy to be a part of what’s going on even when you’ve just got a few moments free to get your social media fix.

Download SO.HO from the Google Play store here.


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