Microsoft Accounts gets new Security Features

Microsoft Accounts gets new Security Features

Microsoft has announced the introduction of new options dedicated to security settings of its online services, starting with email.

A few months after putting a system in place of two-factor authentication (optional) on its online services, the publisher announces new dedicated options. With integrated management module to account, they should soon find on the online messaging or Skydrive service online storage.

The first is a history of recent activity, shown in the screenshot below, which will see connection attempts, used with IP address and geographic location associated. It will include both legitimate applications of access and reset password which have failed, for example.

The second takes the form of a unique security code, which can be used when two-factor authentication (eg; email confirmation and SMS on the mobile phone) fails. This code should, according to Microsoft, be stored separately in a secure manner, ie; away from the devices which normally used to connect to the user account. Finally, the editor will manage finer list of devices (phone or email account) to send security alerts such as a request for a new password. Just announced, the new options should be deployed on all Live accounts in the days and weeks ahead.


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