Samsung Galaxy S5 may stay with the plastic casing

Samsung Galaxy S5 may stay with the plastic casing

Despite rumors of metal casing, close observers of Asian suppliers have some doubts.In announcing its flagship model Galaxy S4 in spring 2013, Samsung has quickly experienced bursts criticism of its choice of a plastic cover for a high-end smartphone sold over 600€, when at the same time others like HTC were choosing a metal shell for HTC One.

Soon enough, it was whispered that the Korean group will apply a metal cover on its next-generation devices. The fact that the phablet Galaxy Note 3 also has a plastic cover/faux leather has not deterred these predictions and the name of a provider has even emerged: Catcher Technology, Taiwanese production specialist metal frame (including that of HTC One).

Despite these repeated rumors and identification of potential producer, doubts have persisted with the suggestion that Galaxy S5 could offer the same combination of plastic/leather that is used on the phablet Galaxy Note 3.

And these doubts are held on the site Digitimes who indicate that despite the rumors of metal-alloy frame for the Galaxy S5, no supplier of metal/alloy would have started mass production for Samsung.

If the smartphone is to be launched in February next year, and given the expected smartphone reference volumes, mass production would already have started for a while. Hence the suggestion that Samsung will continue to use plastic for the Galaxy S5, which could be explained by the fact that metal cover significantly increases production costs and that Samsung is widely used for plastic models.

According to Digitimes, the Korean group could also more likely move towards hybrid materials consisting of mixtures of plastic/fiberglass or plastic/carbon fiber in its mobile products.


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