Google launches “Video Quality Report” to evaluate ISP performance based on YouTube playback

Google launches “Video Quality Report” to evaluate ISP performance based on YouTube playback

Google launches a tool for network performance of an Internet based playback on YouTube to find out if HD playback is possible by the supplier.

Google launched a new service called Video Quality Report. This report is based on the video quality that has an educational aspect since it explains the path of a YouTube video to the Internet, optimizations implemented in order to adjust the quality according to fluctuations of bandwidth or network congestion.The tool also aims to clearly and simply show what the user is entitled to view according to the performance of its network provided by its ISP.

A kind of certification called YouTube HD Verified will be attributed to, for example if an ISP subscriber loads YouTube videos in 720p quality and get smooth playback for at least 90% of applications. In terms of speed, this corresponds to a minimum of 2.5 Mbps. Other labels are Standard Definition, Lower Definition.

A detailed assessment is proposed to indicate the quality of the video consultation expected depending on the time of day for example. This review does not focus on a specific Internet connection subscriber but takes into account a set of subscribers to an ISP for a given location.

The results of Video Quality Report are currently offered only to Canada. Implicitly, we feel that Google wants to impose on ISP liability for possible poor reading for videos.

Shiva Rajaraman, director of product management at YouTube, said that Google has two goals with its new Video Quality Report service. “We wanted to give users a measure of performance that they can truly understand … the other side is we felt this would be beneficial for ISPs too, because now they can describe their service and the various product offerings and price points they might have to their customers in a way that they can truly understand: You can access YouTube in HD on my ISP, or not. We would love [ISPs] to use the badge if it makes sense for their marketing objectives. Again, to the extent that YouTube matters to their subscribers … from an ISP’s perspective, we wanted to give them a factual way to present that information to their subscribers.”


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