Leaked Screenshot of New ‘iOS in the car’ surfaces

Leaked Screenshot of New ‘iOS in the car’ surfaces

Leakage of new screenshots of iOS in the car technology approached to land in iOS 7.1.

It's in June 2013 Apple announced iOS in the Car during the presentation of the iOS 7 operating system . This technology, however, has not made its debut with the final version of iOS 7 and it is now expected to release in iOS 7.1.

iOS drive should allow you to connect an iPhone to a vehicle and it can be easily accessed from the dashboard applications like Maps, making calls, exchange messages, listen to music.

This standard for vehicles equipped can leverage iPhone control with no option to Siri's eyes that do not have to leave the hands off the wheel.

The Apple website offers some screenshots of iOS in the car. On Twitter, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has published other screenshots. If they do not learn much, they show that the work continues at the interface which is now significantly different.

A notice, the feature has been enabled in the iOS simulator that is integrated with Xcode and allows developers to simulate the operation of an iDevice.


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