Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor ‘confirmed’ on home button

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor ‘confirmed’ on home button

There has been some new details on the Galaxy S5 suggest that the fingerprint reader will eventually be housed in the Home button on the device and not integrated onto the screen.

Will the Galaxy S5 smartphone have a fingerprint reader in response to the Touch ID function of iPhone 5S? The evidence in favor of its presence have increased but its location remains a mystery.

The hypothesis of integration directly onto the screen has been mentioned but SamMobile site now says that the fingerprint reader will hide in the Home button in the future smartphone, indicating also that the physical buttons are still present on the model while there is much talk now of the virtual buttons on the screen.

SamMobile indicates that the technology is different than Apple and one will put his finger on the sensor, then drag it to the fingerprint recognition which will be then effective.

Samsung have worked deep integration of biometrics with the rest of the platform and it should be possible to manage up to 8 fingerprint and assign shortcut functions, in addition to unlocking the smartphone, found in the HTC One Max.

The fingerprint reader can also be used to manage a private space or to identify on websites, marked correlating the identifier and the corresponding password. The biometric reader would have here a versatile role and could avoid some tedious manipulations or seizures.


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