YouTube gets Redesigned with a new user interface

YouTube gets Redesigned with a new user interface

YouTube portal changes appearance to get a little more than that on mobile applications.

According to official statistics, nearly 40% of the total time spent looking videos on YouTube takes place from mobile devices. A rate that would have increased to nearly 50%, believed in a blog post.

It therefore seems logical for YouTube to make a facelift of its Web portal to make it resemble a little more with the proposed mobile applications environment. However, the recent changes in this direction are light if the user is not logged in to their account and it is visible otherwise.

Formalized by three horizontal lines, a new button for the guide is on the left navigation bar. It provides access to menus (playlists, subscriptions, history, etc) but the goal is YouTube highlight playlists.

For them, the creative process has been simplified – particularly for the organization of video – and the guide lists all those created as well as other channels that the user has liked.

Note also the slightly lighter tone (the gray bar has been removed) and the representation according to the scheme of an organization via information was taken.


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