Google updates its Play Services to tighten Android security

Google updates its Play Services to tighten Android security

Verifying Android applications will be enhanced in Google Play Services.

On the occasion of the RSA security conference in the United States, Adrian Ludwig, chief engineer for the Android security at Google, announced that Verify Apps will receive an update in the coming weeks.

Currently, this security feature of Google Play checks the applications so as not to allow the installation of malware or display a warning message. This warning occurs when you install applications from any source and therefore outside Google Play.

Soon, the Application conducts ongoing analysis of applications. It should be understood by this that the applications can be verified even after installation. Moreover, problems can be identified for installed app before Verify Apps becomes available as applications.

As is already the case, Verify Apps can be disabled by users who do not want an operation in the background. This can be installed for all devices running Android 2.3 or higher.

Verify Apps feature first made its appearance in Android 4.2 in November 2012. A university study was then seriously questioned its effectiveness in relation to third party antivirus solutions.

The application function has evolved and has been deployed via Google Play Services in order to cover all devices from Android 2.3.


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