Battlefield 4 server rental on the way for consoles

Battlefield 4 server rental on the way for consoles

The publisher Electronic Arts tells us that the console version of Battlefield 4 will soon have the option of renting servers and thus be better able to set its parts online on the famous FPS game.

Released last year on PC and consoles, Battlefield 4 continues to come in news. The famous FPS game appreciated for its multiplayer mode allows some interesting features on the PC, including the ability to rent servers to host our own games online.

On consoles, it was not implemented. Yet this opportunity is finally scheduled for machines from Microsoft and Sony, according to recent comments on the forums of EA Battlelog.

"Indeed, this is in preparation," said the editor. "I'm afraid we do not have much information about it for the moment, but it is coming soon!" he continued.

Having a dedicated server allows you to set a number of elements: create public or private parties, but also set matches by prohibiting the use of certain weapons or managing some rotation of arms.

Remains to be seen what will be the suppliers who will be proposed for the future possibility, availability, prices and consoles affected by this new feature.


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