Kickstarter project: New gesture controlled Ring

Kickstarter project: New gesture controlled Ring

A new Kickstarter project that puts a high-tech ring to control everything with gestures, either a smartphone or a television can be controlled.

A new project has been proposed by a California startup via the platform KickStarter funding. Called Ring, it is, as its name suggests.

With motion sensors, it allows you to control objects around us through movements. After lightly pressing a small button, it is sufficient for the owner to perform predefined or custom gestures to adjust the lighting of the lamp room, turn on the TV, take a photo capture, validate a money transfer online or write and send an SMS. The diodes also provide a vibrator or receive alerts, upon receiving an email for example.

The people behind the project hoped to raise 250 thousand dollars of funds. Objective as far exceeded the milestone of 700,000 dollars that was taken at the time of this writing. For those interested, fundraising is going on this page. It will cost 165 or 185 dollars to be part of those receiving the ring.


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