Windows Phone 8.1 camera app unveiled in video

Windows Phone 8.1 camera app unveiled in video

While the BUILD conference will take place in three weeks, a few other new Windows Phone system have been revealed in video.

The updated Windows Phone 8.1 version is expected in spring and publisher should detail it after developers meeting in early April. After publishing a preview of the SDK in February, several features have been revealed, even for some, which is illustrated in video.

After the voice assistant Cortana and the virtual keyboard, the site UnleashThePhones proposes to review options for the camera of Windows Phone 8.1. Currently Nokia provides free photography apps relatively complete but it seems that Microsoft wants to enrich the software layer by default.

Called Microsoft Camera, the application now offers to consolidate snapshots in time and geographically; ie; those taken at a particular time and a particular place. Settings can be customized to add shortcuts of your choice directly on the main screen. Note also that it is possible to change the video quality even while recording a movie clip. Solution of panorama Photosynth embedded directly within Windows 8.1 still seems to be accessible via a specific filter on Microsoft Camera.



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