Xbox One Reputation System detailed by Microsoft

Xbox One Reputation System detailed by Microsoft

Microsoft has provided more details about the reputation system that integrates soon on Xbox One. Also, the characteristics of good and bad players are detailed.

A reputation system for players will soon be integrated into the Xbox One, the new console from Microsoft. The purpose of this implementation is realized in penalizing bad players, those who do not follow the rules of the game and prove aggressive online.

This solution will allow good players to avoid meeting people deemed "avoid". Microsoft recently provided details about it on the official Xbox website, especially in the three notches reputation that will be applied to gamers.

The first notch, good players, concern a majority of owners of Xbox One. Microsoft confirms that a reward system for good behavior will be appropriate.

The second screen is on a warning called “Needs Work”. According to the returns sent by the gaming community, this ranking will suffer some accounts that will push gamers affected to behave more fair on Xbox Live.

The third screen, called "Avoid Me", establishes penalties. Players in this stage of reputation have ignored the warnings of the second notch and meet more difficult to find online parts and can no longer benefit from some other functions such as broadcasting on the streaming platform Twitch.

Microsoft has confirmed this reputation system on Xbox One which will be deployed next week and will take into account the statistics since the launch of the console. However, the manufacturer stated that no penalty will be applied to the players for a few weeks. Nevertheless, it is already possible to report bad players.

The question is whether the solution is going to be reliable over the long term and it will not be some abuse.


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