Microsoft releases final Windows XP Security Updates

Microsoft releases final Windows XP Security Updates

Patch Tuesday of April is provided with four security updates. Windows XP is concerned for the very last time in its life.

Unless last minute changes, the content of the next Patch Tuesday menu of Microsoft is now known. In April, the Redmond company will release four security updates to fill two critical vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer and Office.

This Patch Tuesday of April will be a very special flavored because it will be the last in history for the Windows XP operating system and Office 2003. After the user runs this final patch on their PC, there will be no more updates after this.

Windows XP itself will be affected by this last important day, while the critical update will be also applied to Internet Explorer versions available for this OS, from IE6 to IE8. After April 8, using IE will be at risk for those who remain under XP. They will have to focus on a third-party browser for which security updates are always distributed (Chrome, Firefox, Opera for example).

The cumulative update for Internet Explorer concerns almost all versions, for Windows XP to Windows 8.1 or RT. IE10 will be an exception and will not be entitled to patches.

The other critical update applies to Office 2003 but more generally to all versions of Office. Microsoft will benefit to permanently correct the vulnerability exploited in attacks and based on the opening of a RTF file in Word or the default viewer for Outlook.

According to Net Applications, the proportion of users of Windows XP in the world is 27.69%.


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