Apple still claims $2.2 Billion in Damages from Samsung in Patent Trial

Apple still claims $2.2 Billion in Damages from Samsung in Patent Trial

Having already received nearly $ 1billion in financial compensation in a first trial in 2012, the Apple group estimated $2.2 billion financial damage for the offense of five patents by Samsung.

It is left for a long lawsuit between Apple and Samsung in San Jose (California), still on the subject of reciprocal patent violations. In 2012, the first trial had turned in favor of the group of Cupertino, crediting a financial compensation of $1 billion, the bulk of the amount was subsequently confirmed.

In this new procedure, five patents are highlighted by Apple to justify a deliberate strategy of plagiarism from Samsung, the latter being replicated by two patents that its rival would use without permission.

Assessing the amount of damages claimed, the group of Cupertino advances the imposing figure of $2.2 billion, justified by the fact that patent infringement has occurred in a phase of rapid expansion of the smartphone market and that it has had serious consequences for the company's business.

The patents are implicated in more than 37 million smartphones and tablets of Samsung passed by the United States between 2011 and 2013 and relate to features that improve device usability, considering weak point of Samsung, a leading manufacturer of electronic products but with less acute in the software.

This aspect would also directly be recognized by Samsung in internal documents of the Korean group, plus the fact that Apple was clearly the number one contender and the interface of the iPhone helped to shift the balance in the market.

Samsung has consistently countered that the evaluation of the expert hired by Apple were grossly overvalued in relation to the number of patents used in mobile products. For its part, the Korean group requires only $7 million for two patents highlighted in this new trial.

One of the challenges for Apple, announced at the opening of the trial is to demonstrate that Samsung deliberately looted its innovations and has organized its mobile business in this regard.


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