7 million Sony PlayStation 4 gaming consoles sold worldwide

7 million Sony PlayStation 4 gaming consoles sold worldwide

Sony Computer Entertainment has recently announced the new sales figures for the PlayStation 4 worldwide, confirming the continued success of their new gaming machine. The elapsed volume of games are also highlighted.

Meeting a success since its launch in November 2013, PlayStation 4 faces relatively limited due to the high demand stocks. The new Sony console has enjoyed a Japanese launch in February, still boosting sales figures already very good.

While question of 6 million PS4 sold in a few weeks ago, the Japanese manufacturer announced that the flows have exceeded 7 million units worldwide on April 6, 2014.

For the PlayStation 4 games, it is stated that 20.5 million games (canned and dematerialized on the PlayStation Store) were sold on 13 April 2014.

Sony also said that the next firmware update for the console will arrive very soon and will include options to disable HDCP, allowing users to record phases of gameplay in HDMI. A new video editor will also be added, allowing players to adjust their extracts before broadcasting via the "Share" button on the controller.

These videos can also be stored locally on a USB drive connected to the machine. Finally, streaming sessions on Ustream and Twich will now be more qualitative, since it will issue a 720p resolution with this new update.


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