HTC’s smartwatch might be called “One Wear”

HTC’s smartwatch might be called “One Wear”

The design of the Moto 360 watch caused a sensation with square screen of the first watches connected but these curves could also be on the first watch by the HTC manufacturer.

The market for connected watches was relaunched in September 2013 by several major brands and has seen the first generation of products using a square screen reproducing more mini-phone screen showing a display.

Things should evolve with new generations of smartwatches which is expected this year and on this point, information about a watch of Moto 360 drew attention to the presence of a circular display and lighter than the thick design watches available on the market.

If it is rumored that the iWatch shows prepared by Apple for the second half of 2014 could also be fitted with a circular screen and a refined design, the manufacturer of HTC devices will perhaps not rest on this point.

Seeking to diversify while the smartphone market has considerably hardened, it should propose before the end of the first shows connected. And according to the latest rumors from Asia, the watch connected from HTC should also use a circular screen.

It may be called the One Wear, in reference to its premium range of HTC One/One (M8), the watch is offered in several versions: plastic/polycarbonate or metal. This One Wear watch should logically use the Google Android Wear environment and complement the accessories available for smartphones from the manufacturer.


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