Amazon’s Smartphone to be launched on June 18

Amazon’s Smartphone to be launched on June 18

While the company still maintains the mystery surrounding the existence of its smartphone, Amazon has announced to launch a "mystery product" on June 18.

With the announcement of the launch of a "mystery product" is fixed on 18 June by Amazon, the world turns to the latest rumors dated on giant online sale, and it is logically the famous 3D smartphone which resurfaced.

Amazon has posted a special page that says "Join Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for our launch event" while mentioning it on 18 June and in the city of Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered.

A video was also released, proposing to ascertain the effect of the device in question to some users who said how it "follows and moves with them." So it is impossible not to think about the supposed smartphone brand that is equipped with four front camera modules that would follow the gaze of the user and therefore to adjust the image displayed on the screen to simulate 3D.

We therefore expect to see the smartphone brand on 18 June. It should, as is the case for all Amazon products, be operating from a heavily modified version of Android, Fire OS, which focuses on Amazon's own services instead of those of Google.

Finally, note that a rumor reported the likelihood that Amazon offers its smartphone to promote adhesion of users to its various services. The brand will catch up on the sale of music, applications and other product offered within Fire OS. Amazon had already swept past the idea of free smartphone, but the company had also said they did not wish to propose smartphone for several years, in fact, all hopes are permitted.


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