1 Cent-per-Minute Calls plan to India from anywhere in the world by IndiaLD

IndiaLD, a long distance services provider, announced today that they are offering subscribers the opportunity to call India, from anywhere in the world, for just a penny a minute.

The new calling card service features a rechargeable calling card that makes it more cost-effective than ever to make global calls to friends and relatives in India. Available in five pricing plans, the IndiaLD calling card makes it possible for residents in 12 countries to connect the South Asian Diaspora to India. Best of all, the plan’s inexpensive pricing can be taken advantage of for calls going both ways – outgoing and incoming.

IndiaLD currently has 18,000 subscribers placing approximately 1 million calls and talking for over 20 million minutes per month. Built on a network of tier 1 international long distance carriers, IndiaLD offers reliable connections and the highest quality calls on the market.

The India calling card will have a 90-day validity period, after which the remaining minutes will expire if the card is not recharged. When the card is recharged, any leftover minutes rollover to the next term of service.

Besides offering users the benefit of penny-per-minute calls to India, this unique calling plan also offers free SMS to India, multiple line inclusion (including landline and mobile), pinless dialing, easy dialing, and speed dialing. The IndiaLD calling card can also be shared among family members, and there are no contracts to sign or expensive equipment needed.

IndiaLD is also offering first-time customers a 30-day money back guarantee.

IndiaLD is about quality of life, yours and ours. We know what it’s like to be far from your families, to not see them like you used to. We know all about the challenges of doing business in foreign lands, where a phone call is the best face-to-face time you can get. Our philosophy is simple. We partner with the best, drive a hard bargain, and put the savings back into our product. You won’t see us wasting money on celebrity endorsers. You won’t find us trying to fool you with crazy pricing ideas. We don’t need to. Our service sells itself.


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