Foxconn is hiring 100K workers to start production of the iPhone 6

Foxconn is hiring 100K workers to start production of the iPhone 6

Foxconn and Pegatron, the two suppliers of the Apple brand, have announced massive recruitment campaigns.

Foxconn, one of the largest suppliers of Apple have launched a campaign to recruit more than 100,000 workers. Therefore a volume that would serve only one thing: to ensure the rate of the production chain of the iPhone 6.

This is 10% more than the one launched for the iPhone 5c/5s last year, saying that Apple plans record sales of its next smartphone, and the stock should be at the rendezvous.

However, the unknown truth of the rumors is not out of one, but two iPhone 6 in different sizes, and the possible delay of one over the other.

Foxconn will be responsible for producing 70% of new iPhone 6 when Pegatron will be responsible for the remaining 30%. Recruitment announced also informs us of the imminent start of production of the smartphone, which could therefore will be finally available at the end of August or September.

If Apple is planning record sales, the latter is scheduled for several months. Currently, the iPhone 4 remains one of the largest sold smartphone in the world, but this version should be set aside and does not take advantage of the update to iOS8. As a result, Apple is considering the renewal of the largest park ever for iPhone sold by leveraging the iPhone 4 owners.

According to the Economic Daily News, Apple could produce not less than 80 million iPhone 6 this year, the question remains whether the total will be divided into two models or not.


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