Ouya announces all-access pass to 800 games for $59.99

Ouya announces all-access pass to 800 games for $59.99

OUYA proposed last night a subscription to offer all games released on the Android console for a single price of 59.99 euros. This offer test was a resounding success, but some controversy erupted.

Launched in 2013 following a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, the home console of OUYA ultimately disappointed many players. The proposed 99 euros for the Android machine system is facing fierce competition in the market.

In order to attract more players, OUYA has established a test operation called All-Access Pass.

This is a subscription of 59.99 euros which allows free access for one year to all games available on the console, namely 842 titles currently.

According to Julie Uhrman, CEO of OUYA, this represents about 2,000 euros in normal times.

The successful bid was at the rendezvous, as it is now sold out. However, extensions and other DLC retain their selling price.

With this implementation, OUYA seeks to better understand the players, with a view to refine the service plan in the future.

However, a controversy erupted, highlighting the fact that the developers have not been informed of the deployment of the past. According to Gamasutra website, an email from OUYA was sent to developers that their compensation remains unchanged with this offer, as the holder of the All-Access Pass.

So far, no statement about the deployment of other promotional offers such as this is given by OUYA.


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