LG unveils 18-inch flexible and transparent OLED panels and aims for 60 inches by 201

LG unveils 18-inch flexible and transparent OLED panels and aims for 60 inches by 201

For many years the manufacturers have promised flexible displays which yet remains impalpable technology for individuals to date. But the wait should now be excluded after LG announces flexible and transparent screens for 2017.

LG has introduced an amazing 18-inch screen, which if not surprised by its size format is meant by stunning original features. This is an OLED screen completely flexible, but also transparent.

We are talking about here, a flexible screen that can be rolled up and tortured in every way. The demonstration was done with the screen wrapped very tightly, the tube diameter obtained are then measured as 5 cm, while knowing that the screen continued to display images.

If the fact of having flexible screens seems necessarily to you an obvious utility, the technology should be particularly attractive to designers who have the opportunity to consider new forms of devices with screens, but can also easily understand how this type of screen is ideal in the transportation, or even more simply through mobile use, since its flexibility makes it more durable than other screens in the market.

LG is making OLED display for one simple reason: it does not require a backlight. The flexible support is made of polyamide, a much more flexible than the other plastic materials used hitherto. As for performance, the display made a definition of 1280 x 720 pixels, LG has already announced to be able to offer screens with a diagonal of 50 inches in the near future.

A second prototype revealed by Samsung was also very surprising, it is a screen with a transparency of 30%, which allows you to view a displayed image and the scene from behind the screen. It does not seem to matter here for proposing TVs with this technology, but to consider new display dedicated to professional and industrial solutions (automotive, signs in shops, information display on the street, etc).

LG has announced that these two technologies could be ready for commercial operation in 2017.


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