ViewSonic declares partnership with Yahoo!, DIVX and SENSIO for Internet-connected TV and 3D technology

ViewSonic, a leading global provider of visual display, computing and
digital content solutions, announced partnerships with global
Internet brand-Yahoo!, Inc., leading digital media company-DivX, , Inc. and stereoscopic 3D technology developer-SENSIO Technologiesz.

“We are pleased to announce partnerships with industry leading
content and technology providers, Yahoo!, DivX and SENSIO,” said Jeff
Volpe, vice president and general manager of ViewSonic Americas.
“Whether it’s on the PC, in the family room or on the go, ViewSonic
offers a range of devices compatible with the latest connected and
3D-ready technologies. Together, we are offering consumers true digital
entertainment freedom.”

ViewSonic and Yahoo! bring the Web to the TV

Yahoo! enhances the television viewing experience by giving consumers
access to TV shows, movies and their favorite Internet services through
TV Widgets. Today at CES, ViewSonic and Yahoo! announced they will
provide customers with an interactive, Connected TV experience via the
ViewSonic VMP80 media player, powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine. The
VMP80 will enable existing HDTV owners to view movies, TV shows, web
videos, photos, go shopping, play games and more with TV Widgets.

ViewSonic’s VMP80 media player may be inserted in-line between the
TV and the set top box, eliminating the need to toggle between the
Internet and cable or satellite box. Via an existing IP connection,
Internet content and services can be overlaid with broadcast
programming from the video provider to a ViewSonic or any HDTV. View
favorite shows or watch a movie, all while checking out the latest news
and sports scores, shopping on eBay, connecting to photos on Flickr
catching up with friends on Facebook or much more. By simply pressing
a button on the remote control, users can bring up the TV Widget Dock,
browse through content and select the service they wish to enjoy
without missing a moment of their favorite TV program.

“Through partnerships with companies like ViewSonic, we are
furthering the Internet-connected TV ecosystem,” said Arlo Rose, senior
director of product management and design, Yahoo! Connected TV. “By
bringing the best of the Web to media players and other living room
devices we are enabling existing HDTV owners to connect with the
content and services they care about.”

ViewSonic and DivX connect the home

In its initiative to provide products and solutions that connect
consumers to the digital world, ViewSonic announced its partnership
with DivX to ensure consumers have unprecedented access to secure,
high-quality video content across different devices. At CES, ViewSonic
will be demonstrating its VOT550 PC mini with DivX TV™, a technology platform that can be embedded on
any connected CE device at the chip level to deliver a wide variety of
Internet media content and services.

DivX TV brings the best of Internet media to the living room,
offering consumers greater control over their viewing experience
through a simple, easy to use interface. As a result, ViewSonic’s new
PC minis make it easy to enjoy Internet content by simply changing
channels on a remove control with easy access to more than 70 channels
of premium Hollywood movies, Web videos, digital music services,
popular social networking sites and more. Additional ViewSonic PCs, TVs
and media players are expected to support DivX TV later this year.

“We are pleased to announce that ViewSonic’s multimedia PCs will
support our new DivX TV platform,” said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX.
“ViewSonic is a leading provider of visual displays and CE solutions,
and together DivX TV will empower consumers to instantly and seamlessly
access an entire universe of media content from the comfort of the
living room.”

ViewSonic and SENSIO bring 3D to life in the living room

ViewSonic and SENSIO also announced a joint collaboration today to
expand consumers’ options for 3D entertainment in the family room. As a
part of this initiative, ViewSonic will bring SENSIO’s stereoscopic 3D
technology to display lifelike 3D movie content on its VOT550,VOT530 and VOT132 PC minis and its full line of DLP 120Hz / 3D ready projectors, including the new PJD6531w announced today at the show. With these new advancements, consumers
can bring the 3D viewing experience that is starting to become more
common in the movie theaters into their own family rooms. Additional
3D-enabled ViewSonic display devices are expected to be available in
the future, including monitors, TVs, and projectors.

"We are pleased to collaborate with ViewSonic on the development of
multiple new SENSIO enabled 3D devices. Our format distributes content
to multiple platforms; displays, monitors, and projectors. SENSIO’s
solution fits ViewSonic’s requirement to use one format to deliver
content to many platforms,” says Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO’s President
and Chief Executive Officer. “This collaboration adds to the tremendous
momentum we see going into CES 2010 and brings us one step further to
becoming the de facto 3D standard."

Come check out the VMP80 media player on the CES show floor at the
Yahoo! booth (NorthMtgRm N238) and DivX TV on ViewSonic’s VOT550 PC
minis and LCD TVs at the DivX booth (South Hall 4, 35345MP), January
7-10, 2010.

ViewSonic’s VOT550, VOT530 and VOT132 PC minis are currently
available for respective MSRPs of $949, $749 and $499. The VMP80 media
player and PJD6531w projector will ship in Q1 2010 for an estimated
MSRP of $159 and an ESP of $799, respectively. For further information
on ViewSonic news and product announcements from CES, visit


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