Microsoft might buy Minecraft maker Mojang for $2 billion

According to the Wall Street Journal, the American giant Microsoft is in talks with the studio Mojang to buy the company to the tune of $2 billion. The worldwide success of Minecraft is therefore attracting larger market players.

Originally developed by Markus "Notch" Persson, Minecraft has aroused great interest of the players, so much so that its creator could set up his own studio Mojang. The latter generated less than 130 million euros in royalties on sales of the title in 2013. Also, the company is now attracting the big players in the video game industry.

If we are to believe the words freshly treated in the Wall Street Journal, the manufacturer and publisher Microsoft is in talks with the Swedish studio with a view of a large redemption. According to what has been reported, it would issue a transaction amounting to $2 billion.

The surprise is that it would be Markus Persson who has come into contact with the American giant to discuss this. As for The Wall Street Journal, the "deal" could be reached this week between the two companies.

For now, the spokesman for Microsoft declined to make any comment about this case or Carl Manneh (CEO of Mojang).


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