ASUS Launches P7H57D/P7H55 Series Motherboard Based On Intel H57 And H55 Chipsets

ASUS announced the launch of a new motherboard series based on
the Intel H57 and H55 chipsets. The ASUS P7H57D/P7H55 Series supports
the new Intel Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, and Pentium processors
with three ATX and four mATX models to provide the best value for the
new LGA1156 platform. Featuring exclusive GPU Boost technology, the
series delivers a rich visual experience for enhanced HD gaming. Built
with Xtreme Design features, the P7H57D/P7H55 Series delivers optimized
and energy-efficient performance. The P7H57D-V EVO also supports
next-generation USB 3.0 and SATA 6G technology for faster data
throughput and better storage performance.

Powerful Graphics Acceleration with GPU Boost Technology

The P7H57D/P7H55 Series features GPU Boost technology designed to
kick visual performance into overdrive. This graphics acceleration
feature delivers an instant 50% performance boost to the onboard Intel®
HD Graphics processor to support high-definition frame rates that add
realism to a user’s gaming experience. GPU Boost also includes advanced
overclocking options—easily accessed through an intuitive user
interface—for users to control graphics acceleration parameters to
achieve an even more stunning visual performance. Additionally, GPU
Boost helps lower energy consumption through the use of the ASUS Energy
Processing Unit (EPU) engine—a comprehensive power saving system. The
EPU detects the onboard HD graphics processor load and intelligently
moderates power output in response to varying requirements.

Fastest Data Throughput with True USB 3.0 and SATA 6G Technology

Users can expect ultra-fast data transfers with the latest bandwidth
technology support. A Unique PCIe X4 Bridge Chip delivers true SATA 6G
and USB 3.0 performance that maximizes the transfer rates of SATA 6Gb/s
hard drives and delivers data transfer speeds ten times that of current
USB 2.0 standards. Such significant improvements enable users to
transfer a 25GB HD movie file in 70 seconds or save a 4MB song in less
than 0.01 seconds.

Optimized Performance with Xtreme Design Hybrid Features

With Xtreme Design innovations such as Hybrid Processors, the
P7H57D-V EVO/P7H55-M Series delivers intuitive and real-time
overclocking as well as automatic performance tuning. Additionally, an
enhanced CPU Level Up feature enables users to instantly upgrade their
processor via a simple click. This upgrade does not involve the
purchase of additional hardware or software—giving an instant
performance boost at no extra cost.

ASUS P7H57D-P7H55 Series Motherboard Specification

ASUS P7H57D-P7H55 Series Motherboard Features


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