Dropbox suspending auto-upload of camera on iOS 8

Dropbox suspending auto-upload of camera on iOS 8

Dropbox reports a compatibility issue with iOS 8 at autosave.

Temporarily, Dropbox has preferred to suspend its application for iOS 8 for the automatic backup of photos and videos. An announcement that came for the update of Apple's mobile operating system which must be broadcast in the early evening.

The service for storing and sharing online indicates that a compatibility problem with iOS 8 blocks the transfer of photos and videos by Dropbox and Carousel (photo application of Dropbox) application.

A real concern in perspective with users who might delete files from their devices in the mistaken belief that they have been stored safely in the cloud. Hence the decision of Dropbox has been made to temporarily suspend (with updated applications) to avoid confusion.

Dropbox has moved closer to Apple to find a solution to this problem. "In anticipation of the release of a patch, you can use the Dropbox desktop application to transfer photos and videos."


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