‘Software Removal Tool’ offered by Google to remove Chrome Malware

‘Software Removal Tool’ offered by Google to remove Chrome Malware

Google offers a tool that may affect the behavior of the Chrome browser. But it is not a virus.

Currently available in a beta version for Windows, the Software Removal Tool addresses a program that affects the behavior of Google Chrome. However, it does not include conventional malware. Furthermore, this targeted tool is not a virus and thus cannot substitute for a security solution.

In the crosshairs of Software Removal Tool, it is a program – sometimes installed without user knowledge – which, for example, Chrome displays an unexpected home page, is filling toolbar or causes the appearance of pop-ups.

Being an executable to run on simple demand, Software Removal Tool performs an analysis to detect potential harmful software. Where ever applicable, the number of programs that cause problems is displayed and the user can thus delete them.

Such programs after detection is then offered to the user to reset the parameters of Chrome.


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