Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars Videos and Pictures revealed

Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars Videos and Pictures revealed

United Front Games has released a new video and images of Triad Wars, their next game which will exploit the world of Sleeping Dogs, while offering multiplayer gameplay, exclusively on PC.

Already revealed nearly a year ago, Triad Wars will be the next set of United Front Games, the studio famous for its game Sleeping Dogs. It is a very good GTA-like game that takes place in the city of Hong Kong. This spiritual sequel has been a more explicit statement, noting that it operates in the same universe of Sleeping Dogs.

The title looks like an open world game that clearly seems to be towards the MMO. Instead of focusing on the character of Wei Shen, each player can create their own protagonist and build an empire by crushing the opposing gangs.

In the video below, the studio said that the game will vary depending on the choices of the players in-game, including their specialization.

Triad Wars is expected in early 2015, exclusively on PC. It is already possible to register for the beta playable through the game's official website here.



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