Play Original Diablo with the Help of a HD Mod

Play Original Diablo with the Help of a HD Mod

A team of fans of the first Diablo just released a mod called Beelzebub, which makes several changes to the title of Blizzard, starting with its aesthetics, its compatibility with the latest OS, and in terms of content.

Appeared for the first time in 1997 on PC before being adapted on Mac and PSone, Diablo has branded the genre of hack n' slash. The title of Blizzard follows two episodes of quality. Although some purists remain captivated by the second component, the first Diablo enjoys a makeover via a mod.

The latter, called Beelzebub, was designed by a team of fans with a view to deliver the security up to date. Indeed, the mod improves the resolution of the game and now supports widescreen displays. In addition, the title is now compatible with the latest versions of Windows.

As shown in the video below, the game's interface has been improved and the content has been added as well. In particular it is a question of choosing the barbarian and assassin from Diablo 2. Four difficulty levels are a must, as well as new environments, unique bosses, as well as new spells and abilities.

In addition, it takes about 204 unique items, 28 sets and 170 more recipes for crafting.

To download the mod for Diablo Beelzebub, you will have to go to the dedicated page at this address. It will take at least a PC with Windows XP to take advantage of this Diablo game and install the OpenAL software library.



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